The Primus team

Our home is the Ionian Sea!

Sunrise is a unique daily experience for our ειδική special Primus team located at Andromeda’s facilities.

Primus team cares passionately about the journey of every Primus fish with a shared objective to ensure freshness and high quality every step of the way, retaining their exquisite characteristics to the maximum throughout the journey to  the end consumer’s table.

Our special Primus team consists of individuals highly trained in aquaculture from a very wide range of disciplines: biologists, ichthyologists (MSc in Aquaculture), ichthyopathologists, food technicians, and specialist production workers such as the Primus feeders, harvesters and selection and packaging operatives.

Our employees’ top class, professional training coupled with the daily care for, and monitoring of, the fish ensures that Primus products consistently maintain their superior quality.

The feeders
ensure our fish
get the right
quantity of food!

The harvesters

harvest only the quantity

of fish expected to be sold

on that day!

The selection and
packaging operatives
select the fish one by one!